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Tailor-made, muliti-purpose and flexible commercial insurance packages for your team and business.

Choose from our range of made-to-measure products that provide cover for motorsport and its operational activities, from on-track accident damage insurance, through to public and employer's liability, premises, storage, travel and cyber cover.

To discuss your specific requirements and find the right cover for your business and its assets, please call us or submit the enquiry form opposite.

On-track Accident Damage


Motor Sport Trader

Liability (Employers and/or Public)


Personal Accident & Medical Repatriation


Storage, Marine & Transit


High Risk Travel



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On-Track Accident Damage (AD)


Backed by industry leading insurers, specifically designed for motorsport competitors and track day drivers, our Accidental Damage (AD) insurance covers vehicle damage and/or fire damage following an accident. Our flexible policies enable us to cater for all levels: from a one-off track day through to international race and rally events.

We can also provide AD cover for testing, demonstrations, course cars, media and film projects.

Options include:

• Engine and transmission cover

• Fire cover, any cause

• Parts only cover

• Choice of repairer

• Multiple drivers

• Multi-event packages

• Uncapped labour rate for track days

• Fire only cover

• Finance on Championship/multi event packages (subject to status)

• We also offer to negotiate salvage with the insurer should the worst happen

• If your Team/Business is VAT registered, we can deduct this from your premium payable.

• We are unable to provide insurance for motocycles and riders


Motor Sport Trader

Our Motor Sport Traders policy is a commercial insurance product specifically designed for motorsport teams, associated business and specialist motor traders. Cover can include road risks, liabilities, business premises, vehicles, tools and equipment in the workshop or in transit to and from events, or when operating away at race venues and rally service areas.


•  A policy specifically designed for teams, businesses and specialist trades associated with motorsport


·  Cover for vehicles belonging to the company, customers and business owners. Includes road, modified and competition cars, support vehicles, vans, trucks and motorhomes


·  Options for named drivers or any driver risk, offering the benefits of a standard Motor Trade policy including accompanied demonstrations


·  Employers and public liability against personal injury or property damage at the workshops, or working away at events and carrying out associated activities


·  Cover to protect business premises, including outbuildings, permanent fixtures and fittings,

tools, equipment, machinery and stock


·  Cover for vehicles held on the premises, and/or during transport and operating at events in

the UK and Europe


·  Worldwide cover for damage to goods by any cause whilst in transit for business purposes


·  Additional protection available for business interruption, storage, marine and transit,

money cover, engineering inspections and commercial legal expenses


Liability (Public and/or Employers)


Public Liability: If your business activities result in harm to the public or damage to their property, public liability will cover compensation and legal costs should you be required to pay them. Available cover choices range from £2m - £10m. We can even go above £10m for specific cases.


Employers Liability: This will help pay compensation if an employee is injured or becomes ill, because of the work they have undertaken for you. Our policy provides £10,000,000 cover, the UK’s minimum legal limit is £5,000,000.


Our Liability insurances are specially adapted for motorsport and can cover the following:

• Motorsport and automotive events

• Motorsport participants

• Businesses and their premises

• Race circuits and venues

• Team members, mechanics, officials and media personnel

• Motorsport organisations and car clubs


Personal Accident (PA) including medical repatriation


PA insurance covers you for any injuries, loss of income or death should you be involved in an accident whilst driving your car out on the track or carrying out your role in the paddock. Our Insurers are supported by a team of medical experts who will monitor your treatment requirements and offer repatriation and paying medical costs if required.


Our specifically designed packages provide a choice of one-day cover through to annual policies, whether you are UK based or non-domiciled and can include the following:

• Worldwide coverage

• Quotes for individuals, through to group policies for up to five people

• Company policies for more than five people

• Sums insured up to £500,000 for death or disablement

• Weekly benefits should you be unable to work

• We are unable to provide insurance for motocycles and riders

* Pre-existing medical conditions taken into consideration


Storage, Marine and Transit


We are able to provide specialist cover for non-road registered or SORN’d vehicle(s), including accidental damage, fire and theft whilst they are:

• Secure in a storage location (worldwide)

• Static in your home, garage or workshop, including whilst work is being carried out on the vehicle

• On public display at a show or exhibition

• In transit to an event and whilst it is not under it’s own power at the event itself

We can also provide cover for your tools, spares, computer, protective equipment and trailers.

Coverage is also available for non-UK domiciled policyholders.

high risk

High Risk Travel (including COVID Cover)


Travel Insurance for individuals, families, corporate groups and their staff who might engage in hazardous pursuits, including track days when on holiday or travelling overseas.


Enhanced cover includes medical repatriation and expenses, personal accident benefit, flight and ferry cancellation, loss of equipment and money. 


This specialist policy covers not being able to travel due to a positive test and/or contracting COVID whilst abroad.




Computer hacking and phishing is an increasingly growing threat to businesses and breaches can be costly, both in time and money. Cover is now available if you come under attack from malware, ransomware, spyware and scareware, as well as cover for business interruption that may result as a consequence of an attack.


Cyber insurance can also cover you for the loss or disclosure of personal client data following a



We can provide access to an experienced insurer who has a dedicated unit focused on helping

clients handle data breaches.

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