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Shepherd Compello Motorsport extends its event road section provision


20th September 2021

With members of the Shepherd Compello Motorsport Insurance team experienced rally organisers themselves, they know what it takes when it comes to making sure all bases are covered and uninsured risks are mitigated as much as possible. That’s why the company is pleased to announce it’s able to offer motorsport clubs and event-organisers fit-for-purpose insurance cover for competitors, officials and set-up crews.


After assessing each organisers’ requirements, the Shepherd Compello Motorsport team will call on its extensive experience to create a carefully considered, bespoke package, be it a rally, navigational event, touring assembly or even a treasure hunt. Its policies are able to include cover for competitors whose own motor policies exclude these activities, as well as cover for driving on the public road between the special stages of a rally. 


The Shepherd Compello team will advise clubs how they can offer a standardised rate that can be passed-on to competitors, who then return a declaration following the event at which time the premium is payable. 


In addition to road cover for competitors, Shepherd Compello’s Motorsport policies are also available for the event organisers themselves. Its policies can be extended to cover organisers’ and officials’ own vehicles - or those that are hired or loaned - specifically for use when working on the event, including comprehensive cover if required. Cover is also available for drivers who are over 17 and can be extended for overseas events.


“Having worked alongside event officials and motorsport club members, we understand what it takes to organise events and stresses and strains that come with that”, explains Shepherd Compello Motorsport Insurance Senior Broker Mark Taylor. 

Most are willing volunteers who give up their time and expertise to organise events, so they really shouldn’t run the risk of incurring any expense when selflessly carrying out their duties.


“We also understand that they want to focus on what they enjoy, which is organising a sporting occasion. Therefore, we’re more than happy to guide clubs through the insurance requirements of a motorsport event, advise on what aspects need to be covered and then construct a policy that will best suit their needs and budget.


“Many use their own vehicles when it comes to setting-out the route or acting as course car, while others are provided with vehicle that’s been supplied by an event sponsor. Therefore, it’s important they are covered for any damage sustained whilst carrying out their duties.


“That’s why we’re delighted to offer carefully considered and tailor-made packages that take away any concerns and enable the event organising team to do what they do best.”


Shepherd Compello’s policies also cater for other event insurance requirements, including event cancellation cover, liability insurance and on-event accident damage. For further details, visit:



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