Compello: to drive together

(com ‘together’ / pellô ‘drive’)


Because we understand motorsport, our policies are carefully configured to provide the right level of cover to suit individual needs, budgets and circumstances.

Headed up by a former competitor and championship promotor means our business is managed by someone who ‘s come from motorsport into insurance – and not the other way around. Because we understand what our customers need, they can take part in events with complete peace-of-mind, meaning that when the action starts, they can focus on the result and not the consequences.


• Clear and concise information that makes is easy to see exactly what’s covered and what’s not


• Ability to bolt-on motorsport cover to new or existing Shepherd Compello policies, enabling business clients to include it within a corporate insurance package


• Peace-of-mind cover that lets competitors concentrate on what matters most


• Straightforward application process takes the stress and confusion out of making enquiries and requesting quotations


• Relevant cover with a range of options to ensure policies are fit for purpose


• Transparent pricing that highlights the value-for-money benefits


• Real-world experience means we understand the needs of our customers

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