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Parallel Lines



20th May 2020


Innovative and fit-for-purpose insurance programmes now available for rally organisers


In a move that acknowledges the specific needs of motor clubs and rally organisers, Shepherd Compello Motorsport Insurance is pleased to announce an innovative programme of product packages that provide cover for organisations and individuals responsible for promoting, planning and running events.


Because of their first-hand knowledge when it comes to rallying – be it a one-off event or a championship – the team at Shepherd Compello understands the need for relevant and adequate insurance that will provide organisers with peace of mind cover and support should anything go wrong. To achieve this, the company works closely with event organisers to create a package of cover from Shepherd Compello’s extensive range of insurance products. These include:


  • Event Road Section cover: Offered to motor clubs to provide third party cover for competitors whose motor policy excludes rallies, navigational events, trials and treasure hunts, cover includes driving on the public road between the special stages of a rally. Offered at a standardised rate so that clubs can ‘pass-on’ to competitors, the premium is payable following the event.

  • Official vehicle cover: Available to motor club organisers who wish to insure their own vehicles on a third party or comprehensive basis whilst using them on an event. Cover can also be extended to hired or loaned vehicles.

  • Event Cancellation: A policy that protects organisers against any financial losses should an event be cancelled due to reasons beyond control, such as: adverse weather, faulty event equipment or setup, with the primary aim to reimburse out of pocket costs. 

  • Liability and loss: Shepherd Compello specialises in public and employer’s liability, personal injury, equipment – whether being used or in storage - and money cover. 


Because of his extensive motorsport background, Senior Broker for Shepherd Compello Motorsport Insurance Mark Taylor is confident that by working closely with motor clubs and event organisers he can offer a bespoke package that is fit for purpose: 


“Each of our policies can be constructed to provide exactly the right amount of cover. We can look at where the greatest risks are for organisers and where the critical needs are likely to be. 


“We will then make recommendations so that should worst should happen, it minimises the  consequences for the club, senior officials and organising committee. At the end of the day, most are volunteers and therefore, it is only right they should be able to go about their roles with the confidence they are backed by an insurer who understands the sport and the commitment involved to put on an event as challenging as a rally.”



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