Don't leave it to chance. Make the most of your time on track. 

It's easy to think that it doesn't happen to you, but if you want to enjoy the few-and-far-between occasions where you can drive to your full potential on a circuit, then insuring your car makes sense. After all, it may be the same car you use on a daily basis and you'll need it back on the road as soon as possible.

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On-track Accident Damage



Personal Accident & Medical Repatriation


Liability (Public)


High Risk Travel

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On-Track Accident Damage (AD)


Backed by industry leading insurers, specifically designed for track day drivers, our Trackday Accidental Damage insurance covers vehicle damage and/or fire damage following an accident. Our flexible policies enable us to cater for all levels: from a one-off track days through to multiple events.


Options include:

• Engine and transmission cover

• Fire cover, option to have by any cause

• Choice of repairer

• Multiple drivers

• Multi-event packages

• Uncapped labour rate for track days


Personal Accident (PA) including medical repatriation


PA insurance covers you for any injuries, loss of income or death should you be involved in an accident whilst driving your car out on the track or carrying out your role in the paddock. Our Insurers are supported by a team of medical experts who will monitor your treatment requirements and offer repatriation and paying medical costs if required.


Our specifically designed packages provide a choice of one-day cover through to annual policies, whether you are UK based or non-domiciled and can include the following:

• Worldwide coverage

• Quotes for individuals, through to group policies for up to five people

• Company policies for more than five people

• Sums insured up to £500,000 for death or disablement

• Weekly benefits should you be unable to work

* Pre-existing medical conditions taken into consideration


Liability (Public and/or Employers)


Public Liability: If your business activities result in harm to the public or damage to their property, public liability will cover compensation and legal costs should you be required to pay them. Available cover choices range from £2m - £10m. We can even go above £10m for specific cases.


Employers Liability: This will help pay compensation if an employee is injured or becomes ill, because of the work they have undertaken for you. Our policy provides £10,000,000 cover, the UK’s minimum legal limit is £5,000,000.


Our Liability insurances are specially adapted for motorsport and can cover the following:

• Motorsport and automotive events

• Motorsport participants

• Businesses and their premises

• Race circuits and venues

• Team members, mechanics, officials and media personnel

• Motorsport organisations and car clubs


High Risk Travel


We provide cover for competitors and teams taking part in hazardous pursuits,

including track days and motorsport events, when travelling overseas.


The policy can be standalone, or form part of your Personal Accident cover to provide an

enhanced level of cover, including damage or loss of equipment and money.


We can also consider other extreme sports and activities, group policies,

worldwide coverage and coverage for non-UK domiciled policyholders.